Try “The Effortless Superhuman Protocol"


  1. Stretch dynamically before each session. 
  2. Perform five minutes respite between sets for one of the following:
    Bench press: 2–3 sets of 2–3 repetitions or push-ups: 10–12 reps
  3. Do conventional deadlift to knees. 
    2–3 sets of 2–3 repetitions at 85–95% of one-rep max (1RM). The bar is lowered from knee height rather than returning to the ground. Thus, dropping and avoiding the eccentric lowering section is crucial for preventing hamstring strains while sprinting. Tension time should be shorter than 10 seconds per set.
    Deadlift sets: 
     - Plyometrics are performed immediately after each set (box jumps of varying heights 4–6 repetitions) 
     - Rest for five minutes between sets, with the five-minute countdown beginning after plyometrics.
  4. Perform a core exercise, 3–5 sets of 3–5 repetitions (isometric holds). 
  5. Do static stretching. 


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