Treat your life as a series of experiments to progress your dreams.

Derek Sivers, writer, musician, programmer, and entrepreneur, lives his life as a series of experiments. He has found that you don’t need to waste your life dreaming—you can try your dreams out. You either go for it and stay there or come back knowing that you didn’t really want that dream at all.


  1. Identify the type of life you think you want.List the location, the lifestyle, the career, and other factors.

  2. Find people who appear to be already living this life and talk to them.
    Ask them for their pros and cons to really understand what their life is like. Speaking to people who are currently where you want to be gives you their honest opinion as they are living it—not just as they remember or imagine it.

  3. Try a few months of living the life you think you want.

  4. Leave yourself an exit plan, just in case you really don’t like it.
    An exit plan allows you to trial your proposed new life and return to your old life if you need to.


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