Translate your body language into words on phone calls


  1. Think of yourself as the star of a personal radio drama every time you pick up the phone.
  2. Turn your smiles into sounds, nods into noise, and all your gestures into something your listener can hear to become engaging.
    For example, use phrases like “Uh-huh” or “I hear you” for nodding, or “I see”, “Oh that’s great”, “No kidding”, “Tell me more!”, “What a surprise!”, “That was wise of you”, “Oh, wow, that’s funny!” for your gestures.
  3. Use your caller’s name far more often than you would in person to give him warm feelings. 
    It recreates the effects of the eye contact you might give in person.
  4. After you hear who is calling, let a huge smile of happiness flow and spill over into your voice to make them feel special by saying “Oh Wow, It’s You!”
    For example, “Oh Joe, [smile] how nice to hear from you!”
  5. When you hear something in the background (someone calling out their name, baby crying, etc) stop speaking and in mid-sentence, ask whether they have to attend it. 
    Whether they do or not, they will know you’re a top communicator


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