Rewire your attitude


  1. Acknowledge your current attitudes.
    Start by writing down your frequent thoughts and feelings, especially those you experience during challenging situations. This self-reflection will help you pinpoint the attitudes shaping your perception of life. Ask yourself, "How do I usually react to setbacks?" Based on these answers, are you pessimistic or optimistic?
  2. Evaluate the impact of your attitudes.
    Look at your list and categorize each attitude as helpful or unhelpful. Consider how each one affects your behavior and mood. For an attitude like pessimism, ask, "How has this perspective influenced my relationships or career opportunities?"
  3. Adjust one attitude of your choice.
    Decide on the attitude you want to change and set specific, achievable goals. If you've noticed a pattern of pessimism, you might set a goal to identify and appreciate at least three positive things each day.
  4. Challenge your underlying beliefs.
    Identify the belief fueling your unhelpful attitude. If you believe you're not good at social interactions, question this belief by recalling past successful interactions or seeking feedback from friends. Adjust this belief based on evidence, not assumptions.
  5. Engage in positive self-talk.
    Replace negative self-statements with positive affirmations. If you're working on overcoming pessimism, start your day by saying, "Today, I will find joy in the small things." Repeat this or similar affirmations throughout the day, especially when you catch yourself slipping into old thought patterns.


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