Cultivate your listening skill


  1. Practice active listening.
    Reflect on whether you prioritize your own agenda over listening to others. Whenever you enter a conversation, ask yourself: "Am I truly open to listening, or am I waiting for my turn to speak?" If it's the latter, practice setting aside your thoughts. Instead, focus on being fully present and open to what others have to share. This is how you practice active listening.
  2. Respect others' speaking time.
    Make a conscious effort not to cut others off while they are speaking. Recognize that interrupting sends a message that your thoughts are more important. Practice patience and let conversations flow naturally without interjecting prematurely.
  3. Seek out constructive feedback.
    If you want to grow as a person and as a leader, you need to be open to constructive feedback. See the insights of other people as an opportunity to learn.
  4. Practice reflective listening.
    After someone has shared something with you, paraphrase what you've heard back to them to ensure you've understood correctly. This technique validates the speaker's message and demonstrates your engagement.
  5. Encourage diverse viewpoints.
    Challenge yourself to seek out and listen to opinions different from your own. Ask yourself, "Am I surrounding myself with echo chambers, or am I open to being challenged?" This expands your perspective and fosters a more inclusive environment.


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