Develop a sustainable cleaning routine


  1. Set achievable goals.
    Write down three simple, achievable cleaning goals for the next few months. These should be specific tasks that are easy to accomplish, like organizing a junk drawer or staying on top of laundry. Setting realistic goals helps avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  2. Start small.
    Begin with one small cleaning task each day. It's better to do a little every day than to try to do everything at once and burn out. For example, you could start by making your bed every morning. This simple act sets a positive tone for the day and can motivate you to tackle more tasks.
  3. Build daily cleaning habits.
    List down a few simple actions that can be done daily to maintain cleanliness. After a few weeks, these actions will become habits. For example, wiping down kitchen counters after meals helps prevent mess buildup. Ask yourself: "What are one or two small cleaning tasks I can easily fit into my routine?" Do it consistently.
  4. Embrace flexibility.
    Accept that some days you won't complete all your planned tasks—and that's okay. If you miss a day, simply move on to the next task without trying to "make up" for it. This approach reduces stress and keeps the cleaning routine manageable.
  5. Designate a catch-up day.
    Choose a day when you can catch up on any cleaning tasks you may have missed during the week. This way, you can ease the stress of sticking to a strict schedule.


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