Organize your home


  1. List down the items you commonly misplace.
    Start by creating a list of objects you often lose, like keys, remote controls, or glasses. Knowing these items is the first step to organizing them.
  2. Designate specific spots for frequently misplaced items.
    Allocate a designated place for the items you use regularly, such as keys, wallets, and phones. For example, place a small dish or hook near the entrance of your home for keys. This practice helps prevent these items from being lost and saves time you might otherwise spend looking for them.
  3. Create an effective filing system.
    Set up a filing system for important documents using labeled folders for different categories such as bills, receipts, insurance papers, and personal letters. This system should be easy to use and keep up-to-date.
  4. Make use of visual reminders.
    Use organizational tools like bins, hooks, and shelves as visual cues to remind you where items belong. Place these tools in areas where you typically use the items they hold. This helps reinforce your memory of where things go through consistent visual cues.
  5. Declutter regularly.
    Establish a routine for sorting through your possessions and removing clutter. This could be done seasonally or whenever you feel it's needed. As you declutter, ask yourself about items you haven't used in the last year and consider if someone else might find them useful.
  6. Adopt the one-in, one-out rule to avoid accumulation of household items.
    To avoid the accumulation of new items, make a rule that for every new item brought into your home, one old item must be donated or thrown away. This keeps your belongings from growing uncontrollably. Before buying something new, decide what you will remove in exchange.
  7. Designate a maintenance day.
    Choose a regular day each week or month to perform household maintenance tasks. This could include cleaning out the refrigerator, checking for expired items in the pantry, and organizing closets. Setting aside specific time for these tasks ensures they are not overlooked and helps keep your home tidy and organized.


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