Clean your home in 28-days


  1. Schedule a 15-minute cleaning session per day.
    Choose a specific time each day for a focused 15-minute cleaning session. This small commitment can make a big difference in maintaining the cleanliness of your home. Think of this as a daily mini-mission: You might decide that every morning after breakfast or every evening before dinner is your cleaning time. By making it a regular part of your routine, you're more likely to stick with it and see real progress in your home's cleanliness.
  2. Begin with the kitchen in the first week.
    Kick off your cleaning schedule in the kitchen, where daily activities can lead to a lot of messes. Break down the kitchen into smaller tasks to tackle over the week—such as cleaning the microwave on Monday, wiping down countertops on Tuesday, and so on. This approach helps manage the workload and prevents feeling overwhelmed. If you miss a spot, allot an extra day at the end of the week for catch-up. Ask yourself, "What's the one area that needs the most attention today?" and start there.
  3. Tidy up living areas in the second week.
    Shift your efforts to the living areas in the second week. Begin with decluttering. Remove anything that doesn't belong in the living room. Then, follow up with a thorough dusting from top to bottom, and finish with a vacuum, making sure to reach under furniture and around corners. This week, also take the opportunity to clean often-overlooked items like curtains and cushions.
  4. Clean the bathroom in the third week.
    Dedicate the third week to the bathroom. Start by clearing off countertops and tidying up, followed by dusting and scrubbing the floors. Organize drawers and cabinets, and get rid of any unnecessary items or expired products. Consider also assessing your towels and bathmats to see if they need to be replaced.
  5. End with bedrooms in the fourth week.
    In the final week, focus on the bedrooms. Start again by decluttering. Look under beds and inside closets for items that are out of place. Next, dust thoroughly and vacuum all areas, especially under the beds. Sort through your wardrobe: donate items you no longer use, and wash all bedding.


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