Transform your feelings from negative to positive ones.


  1. Acknowledge your negative feeling.
    Breathe, and acknowledge that you are feeling something negative as it arises. Then, put a label on it: Is it anger, sorrow, irritation, etc.?

  2. Become one with the feeling.
    It may be tempting to try to hide your negative feelings, but it is important to acknowledge that both your negative and positive feelings are part of you, and you cannot pretend like either of them does not exist.

  3. Calm the feeling.
    Breathe, and tell yourself, “Breathing in, I calm the activities of body and mind. Breathing out, I calm my ___” (fill in the blank with the emotion you are feeling). If it is a particularly strong feeling, going for a walk while practicing this breathing technique may help more.

  4. Release the feeling.
    Once you have calmed the feeling, simply let it go.

  5. Look deeply into the feeling to understand why you felt that way in the first place.
    Identify what causes you to feel such negative emotions. Once you can pinpoint the cause, you will be able to work toward a solution.


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