Transform each goal you have into a feasible flow activity.

Sometimes, our goals can feel very overwhelming and chaotic. This can make us hesitant to take on the challenge because it just feels too difficult. There is a way to overcome this, and it’s to make the whole process enjoyable. You can transform the process into a flow experience.


  1. Choose realistic challenges that you can master on your own.
    Your goals may begin as daunting and vague. You have to transform them into a feasible flow activity that you will enjoy.

  2. Enjoy the experience.
    According to the flow theory, we enjoy activities when they lead to the development of the self and make the chaotic world more ordered.

  3. Discover the real reward of the goal.
    It can be a sense of pride, self-esteem, or something else. The rewards that come from within you are the strongest.


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