Manage creative work during challenging times


  1. Embrace lowered productivity in tough times.
    Understand that during difficult periods, such as times of sorrow or stress, your ability to think clearly and your energy might wane. It's important to focus on what's most important and allow yourself to accomplish only what you can manage without additional pressure. For example, if you're used to completing five tasks a day, consider reducing this to the two most essential tasks and be kind to yourself about this adjustment.
  2. Adapt your routines to unexpected life changes.
    Life's unpredictable nature can disrupt your planned routines. When faced with significant personal challenges or changes, be flexible with your creative habits. Adjust your schedule to accommodate these changes while maintaining some form of creative activity. For example, if you usually write in the morning but need to attend to personal matters, consider shifting your writing to evenings or shorter sessions at different times.
  3. Create and maintain an inbox system for project ideas.
    Develop a structured system where all new ideas and ongoing project details are stored in specific 'inboxes'. These can be digital folders, email tags, or physical files. Make it a routine to check and organize these inboxes regularly, deciding which ideas to develop further. This process ensures that no creative thought is lost and that each idea is given consideration for further exploration.
  4. Set up task reminders.
    Establish a system of reminders to help you keep track of tasks and ideas that need attention. This can be done through calendar alerts, app notifications, or even physical notes placed in strategic locations around your work area. These reminders will ensure you consistently revisit and progress on your creative projects.


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