Train your mind to have lasting self-control.

For this habit, pick any one of the three steps and carry it out. You can pick a simple behavior to follow (or get rid of), or you can pick a difficult one. The important thing here is to actually follow through on any one of the steps. If you do that, you will be exercising your mind and your willpower, and you will be able to build strength to achieve the level of productivity you desire.


  1. Actively commit to saying “no” to bad behaviors.
    Pick a behavior you want to correct. The next time you recognize yourself about to engage in that behavior, tell yourself, “I won’t do this,” and refrain from doing it.

  2. Actively commit to picking up a new good behavior—one you can practice every day.
    Pick a behavior you don’t have yet but want to cultivate. Make sure it’s one you can practice every day. Then, make sure you do it!

  3. Track a behavior of yours.
    Pick a behavior you want to track—for example, your spending habits. Grab a pen and paper and write down the exact times you engage in the behavior every day.


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