Train to avoid dangerous situations and survive an attack.


  1. Stay away from high-threat areas. 
    This is the way to avoid conflict and danger.
  2. Always maintain situational awareness so you are hard to surprise. 
    Pay attention to your surroundings. Look at both suspicious and unsuspicious people. What are they doing? Where are they going? What are they looking at? 
  3. Continually assess your situation and think of contingencies. 
    Where is your closest escape route? Where are the closest cover (a place to shield you from bullets) and concealment (a place to hide)?
  4. If you sense a threat, proactively move away from it. 
    Walk to the other side of the street, accelerate your car, and walk out the door before things get worse.
  5. If you are caught in a bad situation: ACT. 
    If you can run away from an assailant, do it. If you can’t run because they have a hold on you, attack them. Put all your training to use as quickly and as violently as possible. As soon as you can break free, do it and run.
  6. If shooting starts, get down. 
    If the shooting is single shots being fired at a slower pace, run immediately and keep running. If the shooting is rapid-fire, find some solid cover to get behind. Wait for a lull and then run—that may be your only chance.
  7. Call the police at the first opportunity.
  8. If you are trapped in a room with an active shooter outside, barricade yourself.
    If there is a hiding place, hide. If not, prepare to attack them as soon as they enter the room. Get anyone in the room with you, ready to swarm the attacker.


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