Track the progress of your habits.

Tracking is a very good way to stick to habits. Tracking keeps you honest. Tracking gives you motivation because you can see your progress. Tracking is gratification by itself.


General rules of tracking:

  1. If possible, automate the tracking.
    For example, Fitbit can track how much you walk every day or how long you sleep.

  2. Manually tracking habits should be limited to only the most important things.
    It’s better to track one important habit on a daily basis, than ten habits sporadically.

  3. Record the measurement immediately after the habit occurs.
    To establish the habit, there must be an immediate reward, and tracking your habit is in some sense the reward of accomplishing the action. To set your intentions to track the habit, say to yourself, “After I finish a set at the gym, I will record it in my workout journal.”

  4. Never miss two days in a row.
    Missing once is an accident. Missing two times is the start of a new habit.

  5. Tracking is to help you, not to give you meaning.
    The numbers are not the most important thing. There is always a bigger picture you should be focused on, not just the numbers.


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