To increase the odds that you will follow good habits, make it as easy as possible.

To increase the odds that you will follow a habit, you should make it as easy to do as possible. Create an environment that will help you perform the action. Every action requires some amount of energy. So reducing the energy required will increase the chances that you will complete the new action.


  1. Make the new habit as easy as possible to execute.
    Adjust the environment to make it easier.

  2. Remove all friction.
    Simplify the action.

  3. Prepare the environment for future actions.
    If you prepare everything that you need in order to perform an action in the future, you increase your odds of doing it. One way to do this is to prepare the environment just after accomplishing something that is already a habit. For example, washing dishes just after preparing a meal. This way, the next meal preparation will be much easier to start.


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