Create a business that follows the five commandments


  1. Brainstorm business ideas.

  2. Choose the idea that follows all five commandments:

    • The Commandment of Need: Does your business meet a specific need or address a particular pain point?
    • The Commandment of Entry: Does your business have fewer competitors than any other business in a different industry?
    • The Commandment of Control: Will you have full control over the business you’re planning to build?
    • The Commandment of Scale: Is your business idea scalable and profitable?
    • The Commandment of Time: Can your business idea be automated?
  3. Make necessary changes to your idea, so it follows the five commandments.
    You can modify your idea until it adheres to the five commandments, or you can shift to an entirely new and better idea that follows all the five commandments. This is the key to creating a business that will generate millions for you while allowing you more free time to spend on the most important things in your life.


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