Make yourself unforgettable


  1. Start conversations and keep them going
    Listen more than you talk and talk about topics the other party is interested in.

  2. Be knowledgeable about various topics so that you can communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds.
    You do not need to know everything, but you can have a broader understanding of the world if you read books, keep track of current affairs, travel to new places, and visit museums and galleries.

  3. Have your own ideas, values, and beliefs.
    Be open to modifying or changing them so you do not always impose on others.

  4. Pay attention to others before speaking to them.
    For example, when you pay attention to how people dress, their beliefs, and how they carry themselves, you can easily hold interesting conversations with them.

  5. Learn to tell stories that captivate.
    You can learn to tell interesting stories by reading books, or through other online resources like podcasts.


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