Identify and eliminate self-limiting conditioning from the past in order to build strong relationships.

Thinking win/win creates more energy, happiness, and ultimately, a more productive and effective relationship. This kind of thinking and being creates abundance in every way, as people will be more attracted to working and/or collaborating with you and wanting to find ways to reciprocate being with you in the same way that you are being with them. The opposite of this harbours mistrust and probably an eventual closing down of communication and collaboration. We often have ways of being that are based on past experiences. This exercise allows you to gain self-awareness of whether your past is getting in the way of your present. With self-awareness, you can make new choices and, as a result, proactively create your destiny.


  1. Spend at least 20 minutes daily observing your internal dialogue.
    (Your internal dialogue comes predominantly from past experiences and drives your current behavior. Pay special attention to your thoughts about other people).

  2. Is it anything other than win/win? For example, it might be win/lose or lose/lose.
    If so, how does that internal dialogue affect your relationships with others? Can you identify which past experiences caused this way of thinking?

  3. Ask yourself the following question:
    How relevant is this internal dialogue (as a result of past experience) to my current situations?

  4. Make it a conscious choice every day for the next 20 days to work on win/win
    … in the different situations that may come up during your day.


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