Integrate solitude into your life to increase your happiness and productivity.

Solitude is valuable for everyone. Everyone needs time away from people or anything that will give them input. This allows a person to reflect on themself and their values. It can benefit them in multiple ways such as allowing them to solve hard problems. It also gives you a break from a busy day.


  1. Leave your phone at home.
    This will allow you to spend less time with your phone. For example, leave your phone at home when you are going to run errands. This small behavior trick will reap large benefits.

  2. Take long walks.
    It will give you a break from your busy day. These walks can help you tackle difficult problems as you take a break from work and your phone. This will allow you to explore deeper thoughts.

  3. Write letters to yourself.
    Make time to write to yourself when facing demanding or uncertain circumstances. Writing itself is the key, as this behavior will naturally shift you into a state of productive solitude.


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