Think about how your solution could fail before implementing it

For solutions to be implemented successfully, the plan of action needs to be carefully thought about. External factors that could influence the outcome of the solution must be considered and accounted for. It is also important to identify signals that will tell you your plan is proceeding smoothly or alert you to any hiccups.


  1. Ask yourself, what else could explain your success, should everything go according to plan?
    There are always external factors that affect your chances of success. It’s important to track these factors - otherwise, you run the risk of your solution collapsing when these factors are unrelatedly thrown off balance.

  2. What would show that your solution is not aligned with your goal?
    Imagine your solution does not actually enable you to achieve success with your mission. How would you know this is the case? What would be a signal you could detect as early as possible?

  3. How could you succeed at this implementing this solution with the least effort possible?
    This will help you identify the weakest points of your solution, as well as those where people are likely to cut corners.

  4. How would your solution affect your long-term goals?
    Particularly, what would be the worst case scenario?


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