Tell your customers how your products will make their life better


  1. Ask yourself “What problem are you resolving in your customer’s life?”
    Stick to basic answers. Don’t overthink it.

  2. Ask yourself “What does that resolution look like?”
    Keep it simple. Then start diving deeper with the next steps.

  3. Write answers to a series of questions about how your customers’ lives look before your brand, and how it will look after your brand.
    Answer this in two columns labelled “Before” and “After”:

    • What do they have?
    • What are they feeling?
    • What’s an average day like?
    • What is their status?
  4. Ask yourself a series of questions about your customers’ problems.
    Write your answers down:

    • What will their life look like if their problem is resolved?
    • How will that resolution make them feel?
    • Why has the resolution to the problem made the world a more just place to live in?


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