Teach your children life skills.


  1. First, do the task for your child.
    Begin by example—do tasks for your child so they can observe how you do them. Only do this for tasks your child can’t do; if your child can do a task, or can almost do it, allow them to try doing it unaided.

  2. Then, do the task with your child.
    The next step is to aid your child in completing the task. Allow them to do most of the task, and only step in if they need help. .

  3. Thirdly, watch them do the task without help.
    Now, step back and let them try completing the task unaided! It’s okay if they mess up—making mistakes is how they learn.

  4. Allow your child to complete the task independently.
    You’ve successfully taught your child how to complete the task. Now it’s time for them to do it all on their own.


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