Set clear expectations and provide feedback in a timely manner


  1. Establish clear goals and objectives at the start of a project.
    Before beginning a project with your team, clearly define the project's objectives and success criteria, anticipate potential challenges, and establish a plan for providing feedback throughout the project's duration.
  2. Provide a clear vision of success. Paint a vivid picture of what success looks like, providing tangible examples and benchmarks. Help the recipient understand the desired outcome and the specific actions or behaviors that contribute to achieving it.
  3. Provide task-specific feedback that is precise and detailed.
    Give feedback promptly after the task is completed, while the details are fresh in the recipient's mind. Be specific and detailed in your feedback, focusing on what was done well and areas that require improvement. Use concrete examples to illustrate your points, explaining why something was effective or could be enhanced.
  4. Start with positive feedback before addressing areas for improvement.
    Begin the feedback conversation by highlighting what the recipient did well. Reinforce their strengths and accomplishments to build a positive and constructive environment.
  5. Suggest actionable next steps.
    Offer specific suggestions for improvement or growth opportunities. Clearly communicate whether these suggestions are expectations or optional recommendations. Encourage the recipient to consider the suggestions and discuss their feasibility or potential impact.
  6. Offer meaningful praise and recognition.
    Recognize and acknowledge your team member's achievements and efforts. Praise their strengths and accomplishments to motivate and encourage continued success.


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