Take three-minutes to attend to the joy of loving-kindness.

Tim Ferriss finds that wishing other people happiness makes you feel happier yourself. On days where he remembers to send people loving-kindness, he feels more joy. He shares this exercise to bring joy to our days and says it is also useful when you are feeling down and need a pick-me-up, or when you can’t sleep. It resets and calms the mind.


  1. Sit in any posture that allows you to be both alert and relaxed.
    Your eyes can be open or closed.

  2. Bring to mind someone for whom you can very easily feel loving-kindness.

  3. Wish for him or her to be happy.

  4. Notice if the joy of loving-kindness arises and if so bring full attention to the joy until it fades away.

  5. For the rest of the minute, just rest your mind.

  6. When the next minute begins, start the cycle again, for three minutes.
    You can do this for however many minutes you choose and feel free to rest your mind for as long as you want between each cycle. The timing is not important; the only important thing is attending to the joy of loving-kindness.


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