Take the time to grow and develop your mind, body and spirit


  1. Prioritize your physical health before taking care of everyone else
    Prioritize your physical health above everything else in your life. Consume a diet that is right for you as an individual instead of following the advice of health “gurus.” Engage in daily exercise and yoga to keep your body young and flexible. Then take care of your family health and wellbeing. After doing this, you can then commit to the rest of the world.

  2. Meditate to build mental strength and self-awareness
    Spend time alone away from social distractions and engage in self-examination. Close your eyes for about an hour and surrender to whatever happens, including random thoughts that may run across your mind. You can do transcendental meditation where you chant repeatedly to focus your mind. You can also engage in Nonjudgmental Awareness where you quietly walk around in nature for about 15 minutes accepting the moment and not making any judgments about people.

  3. Read books for yourself and not for social approval
    Most people read the same books everyone else is reading just to fit into the herd. To grow your mind, read and learn things that you’re genuinely interested in even if other people don’t approve or see the point.

  4. Free yourself from expectations of others
    Live according to your personal values rather than other people’s expectations. For example, if you value your time and someone is wasting it on a useless conversation, excuse yourself and walk away. If you value your peace and an angry person wants to provoke you to engage in a debate with them, choose not to participate.


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