Make trade-offs for growth


  1. Create a concrete list of your trade-off principles. Reflect on the valuable trade-offs you have made in the past that you believe will continue to benefit you in the future. Consider the sacrifices necessary to reach your full potential and jot down the principles that embody these trade-offs. For instance, "I am willing to sacrifice short-term financial security for long-term potential," "I am willing to forego immediate gratification for personal development," or "I am willing to relinquish a fast-paced lifestyle for a fulfilling one."
  2. Identify your non-negotiables. Examine the aspects of your life that are indispensable and make a list of them. For each non-negotiable, identify its most significant potential threat and strategize precautionary measures to safeguard it.
  3. Take decisive action and make the trade-off! Pinpoint the specific trade-off that you have been hesitant to make but holds the potential for significant personal growth. Determine what needs to be traded or sacrificed in order to obtain what you desire. Then, commit to taking concrete steps toward making the trade-off!


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