Take the initiative to become a leader


  1. Do one useful thing without being asked.
    Each day, find one definite task that needs to be done and complete it without being asked. This is about being proactive and finding problems to solve. For example, you could rearrange the filing system in the office to make things more efficient for everybody. At home, you could clean the gutters to prevent a blockage. Whatever you choose, find something small that nobody has asked you to do.
  2. Develop one habit that helps others.
    Try to practice a daily habit that helps others, and do it without the expectation of pay or praise. It could be as simple as picking up the mail on your way to work and distributing it around the office. It could also be emptying the bins every day when you return from work.
  3. Tell one person the value of practicing these habits.
    Each day, find one person to talk to about your new habits. Explain what habits you have adopted and why it’s positive to take the initiative and help others. This strengthens the habit and encourages others to develop themselves too.


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