Take responsibility for your actions.

Once you start taking responsibility for your actions and your life, you will realize you can accomplish anything you want.

When you stop blaming others or yourself for the things that go wrong, you will be able to focus your energy on fixing bad situations and turning them into good ones.


  1. Understand that you are responsible for your actions.
    Do not blame your parents for raising you wrong. Do not blame your situation for bringing you down. Instead, understand that only you can take steps to make your life better.

  2. Do not blame yourself or feel guilty for your past actions.
    Blame, guilt, and other such negative emotions are counterproductive to success. They will not get you anywhere, so do not waste your time on them.

  3. The next time something goes wrong, say, “I am responsible!”
    This will instill in your mind that you are responsible, and you will feel more motivated to fix the situation.


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