Take responsibility for your life.

You are responsible for everything in your life - from the successes and happiness to the failures and sadness. It is up to you to interpret any situation you are in and determine how you are going to act on it. If you refrain from taking responsibility, your life will spiral out of your control. However, if you understand that you are 100% responsible for your life, and begin acting on the situations you wish to change, you will notice your quality of life getting better.


  1. Get a diary and write about taking responsibility for your life.
    This is so that you can improve your awareness about the events in your life and how you can manage them.

  2. Recognize the difference between blame and responsibility.
    What is happening in your life may not be your fault, but it is 100% your responsibility. Even if you are crippled by a disease or disorder, you are still the only person who can take responsibility for it and work towards achieving your goals. Repeat this to yourself until it becomes  ingrained in your mind.

  3. Tell yourself, “I am responsible”.
    Do this every morning to remind yourself to take responsibility for everything that happens during the day.


Take action!

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