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The concept of living in the present implies doing your best now. Forgetting about yesterday’s defeats and tomorrows hypothetical possibilities places you in the present, which is like eternity and should be treated as such. Wasting time and procrastinating will never make you the greatest salesman in the world. In fact, only those who aspire to be the greatest seize every opportunity every day.


  1. Think of what you can achieve today, not tomorrow.
    Be present in the moment without dwelling on the past and concerning yourself with the future. Once you’re aware of your tasks, act immediately without hesitation.

  2. Repeat: “I will act now,” every time you feel lazy about completing a task.
    If you repeat this phrase often enough, it will become a part of your personality. Your mind will learn to recognize moments of procrastination, and it will start to fight them.

  3. Become a master of your actions.
    When faced with difficult tasks, evilness, or procrastination, command yourself to act. You give the commands, and you obey the commands. Listen to your reasonable, actionable self.


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