Reduce compulsive use of a dopamine-inducing substance or activity


  1. ** Gather data.**
    Begin by gathering the simple facts of consumption, such as what is being used, how much, and how often you're using it.
  2. ** Identify triggers.**
    Identify the triggers that lead to compulsive overconsumption, such as stress, boredom, or loneliness.
  3. ** Identify the problems.**
    What are the negative consequences of your use?
  4. ** Identify the objectives.**
    Why are you using high-dopamine substances and behaviors? This will help you identify the root cause of your drug use.
  5. ** Develop strategies.**
    Develop strategies to reduce compulsive overconsumption, such as avoiding triggers, setting limits, and seeking support.
  6. ** Try abstinence.**
    Try abstaining from the substance or behavior for a month and observe the effects.
  7. ** Monitor progress.**
    What is your progress with abstaining from consuming a high dopamine substance or behavior?
  8. ** Seek help.**
    If abstaining doesn't help, seek professional help.
  9. ** Practice mindfulness.**
    Mindfulness is the ability to observe what our brain is doing while it’s doing it, without judgment.


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