Manage your stress well


  1. Identify sources of stress.
    Take a pen and paper and write down the specific things in your life that are causing stress. It could be work deadlines, conflicts with certain people, or overwhelming responsibilities.
  2. Create a plan to manage stress.
    Sit down and make a detailed plan to tackle stress. Schedule specific time slots in your calendar for relaxation activities such as meditation, yoga, or taking a walk in nature.
  3. Engage in activities that require focus.
    Choose one activity that requires your complete focus and commit to spending a designated amount of time on it each day. For example, set aside 30 minutes to read a book, write a story, participate in sports or physical exercises, or work on a mentally challenging project.
  4. Embrace moments of boredom intentionally.
    Designate specific periods during your day where you intentionally allow yourself to be bored. Put your phone away, resist the urge to fill the time with distractions, and simply let your mind wander. Use this time to reflect, generate new ideas, or engage in creative thinking.


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