Practice mindfulness to eliminate addiction


  1. Acknowledge the craving.
    Whenever a craving for your addiction arises, simply acknowledge its presence. Be aware that it's there without trying to push it away or ignore it. Take a moment to say to yourself, "I notice this craving."
  2. Explore the craving.
    Engage in self-reflection by asking yourself specific questions to better understand the craving. How does it feel in your body? What thoughts or images come to mind when you experience this craving? What do you think triggered it? What do you hope to achieve or avoid by giving in to it? Take a few minutes to contemplate these questions.
  3. Observe without judgment.
    Allow the craving to be there without judging yourself or the craving itself. Simply observe it as a passing experience.
  4. Stay present with your experience.
    Pay attention to your emotions, thoughts, and reactions that arise with the craving. Be fully present in the moment, noticing how the craving affects you without trying to change anything.
  5. Uncover underlying motivations.
    Reflect on why your mind is inviting you to engage in certain behaviors or react in certain ways. Look for patterns and try to identify the core emotions, fears, or desires driving your addictive behaviors.
  6. Identify core emotions, fears, and desires.
    Dig deeper to recognize the core emotions, fears, and desires that are fueling your addictions. Understand what you are trying to achieve or avoid through your addictive habits.


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