Reflect on your ambitions


  1. Find a quiet space for reflection. Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus without distractions.
  2. List down your ambitions. Take out a pen and paper. Write down all the ambitions that come to mind without judgment or filtering.
  3. Evaluate your ambitions. Go through each ambition on your list and ask yourself important questions such as, "Is this ambition meaningful to me?" "Is this ambition worthwhile?" "Does this ambition have a lasting impact?" "Will this ambition bring long-term benefits?" "Does this ambition align with my values and principles?" Write your answers down.
  4. Determine how these ambitions can contribute to the legacy you want to leave behind. Reflect on the legacy you wish to leave behind. Think about how each ambition can contribute to that vision. Consider the positive impact and difference you can make by pursuing these ambitions.


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