Seek the assistance of a professional to address suicidal thoughts


  1. Seek professional help immediately if you're filled with suicidal thoughts.
    Contact a mental health professional or a suicide prevention hotline if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts. If you have already taken concrete steps to end your life, call emergency services immediately.
  2. Evaluate the severity of your suicidal thoughts. Work with a mental health professional to assess the intensity and frequency of your suicidal thoughts and to address any underlying mental health conditions.
  3. Identify triggers and stressors. Pinpoint what is causing your suicidal thoughts by identifying triggers and stressors in your life. These may include relationship problems, financial struggles, or ongoing mental health issues.
  4. Create a safety plan. Develop a safety plan with the help of a mental health professional to identify warning signs, coping strategies, and emergency resources to turn to in times of crisis.


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