Create a winning scoreboard


  1. Set a goal that is important to the team.
    Identify a specific target that the team should strive to reach.
  2. Identify ways to measure progress.
    Establish metrics that will help the team track their progress toward the goal.
  3. Create a scoreboard.
    Design a scoreboard that is simple, visible, and displays both lead and lag measures.
  4. Make it easy to tell if the team is winning or losing.
    Design the scoreboard in such a way that it is easy to tell at a glance if the team is winning or losing.
  5. Make the scoreboard accessible.
    Ensure that the scoreboard is visible to all team members.
  6. Update the scoreboard regularly.
    Keep the scoreboard up to date with the team’s progress.
  7. Encourage team members to strive for excellence.
    Instill the winning mindset and motivate the team to reach the goal.


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