Work around a shared vision


  1. Establish the company vision as the foundation.
    Develop a clear and compelling company vision that sets the direction for the entire organization. Ensure that the vision aligns with the organization's mission and values and that it is communicated clearly and frequently to all employees. The company vision should be the foundation of the strategy architecture, guiding all strategic decisions and actions toward achieving the desired outcomes.
  2. Unite the team around your company's shared vision.
    Ensure that everyone in the organization understands the vision and is committed to achieving it. When establishing clear objectives, make sure they are aligned with the company's vision and that they're something that your team can work towards, making everyone feel a part of something larger than themselves.
  3. Communicate the strategic intent effectively.
    Share the company's strategic intent with all employees and stakeholders, outlining the long-term direction, desired outcomes, and expected results. Ensure that everyone understands the strategic intent and how it aligns with the overall vision. Provide the necessary information and resources to help teams make informed decisions and take action.
  4. Allow teams to explore solutions.
    Encourage product teams to experiment with solutions that align with the company's strategic intent and vision. Provide them with the necessary resources and support to explore and test their ideas. Create a culture of continuous learning and improvement where teams can gather data, analyze results, and adjust their actions accordingly.


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