Take a vow that you will pursue your passion forever


  1. Choose the room where you will take your vow.
    It could be your bedroom or any quiet room that has available space.

  2. Turn off the lights. Then, light a candle, kneel on the floor, and close your eyes.

  3. Think of your creative passion or something you want to do for the rest of your life.
    Listen to your heart and be honest with yourself.

  4. Vow to the universe that you will work on your passion forever by saying, “I will (state your passion) forever, regardless of the outcome. I will try to be brave and grateful about it. I will also try not to complain when things are getting difficult. I also promise that I will never ask my passion for taking care of me financially. Instead, I will be the one to take care of it.”
    Absorb every word you say. You can try saying it repeatedly until all the words are planted in your mind.

  5. Fulfill your promise by setting a time each day dedicated to working on your passion.
    It doesn’t matter how much time you put in per day. It can be just an hour as long as you can fully commit to it during this period.


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