Tailor your teaching message and secure widespread support from your customers


  1. Encourage reps to build relationships with the customer’s team.
    Identify and nurture relationships with customer stakeholders to build consensus and earn the decision maker’s support

  2. Collate information on industry trends, current events, competitors, market share, regulatory changes, and company performance.
    This information can be used by reps to provide context for the sales pitch.

  3. Document what a customer stakeholder is looking to achieve
    Customer outcomes (areas of improvement) tend to be predictable in terms of the customers’ role and typical across similar companies. Collate this information and create a sales tool reps can use to tailor their messages and build credibility.

  4. Provide guidance to reps on how to position solutions or product bundles
    Develop a sales tool that matches various stakeholders to solutions, detailing desired outcomes and your capabilities in terms of achieving these outcomes. Scripts can also be provided as conversational guidelines.

  5. Document the project proposal to capture the agreed high-level objectives
    Create a template that summarises core objectives for each stakeholder (sales/ marketing, purchasing, production, etc), outlines any stakeholder concerns, and your capabilities and actions to overcome these concerns.


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