Tailor your online presence to be more appealing to prospective employers.

Before hiring you, every employer will do a Google search of your name. The results of that search will play a huge role in whether you get hired or not, so it’s important that you make your online presence seem appealing to employers.


  1. Make a list of adjectives you’d like the employer to think of when they consider hiring you.
    Examples of adjectives you can use are professional, experienced, inventive, hardworking, disciplined, honest, trustworthy, etc. Refer to this list while making your online presence more attractive to prospective employers.

  2. Google your name and remove any posts that contradict the adjectives you have selected.
    You should do this on any and every website your name comes up on.

  3. Fill in your social media profiles completely and keep them up to date.
    Unless you have a very good reason (for example, privacy concerns), leave no part of your profiles blank. This is especially important for websites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

  4. Expand your presence online.
    Join forums, start a blog, post videos on Youtube, etc.


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