Survey your friends to see how much they’d pay for a product


  1. Choose 3-5 friends that you can survey.

  2. Send them a message by asking if they could participate in your survey.

  3. If they answered yes, schedule the best time and date to do the survey.

  4. If they answered no, choose another participant.

  5. During the survey, ask them the following questions:
     - What are your perceptions of value in a product? 
     - How much are you willing to pay for the following products?
         *Athletic shoes

  6. Review and analyze their answers by answering the following questions:
     - Are there differences in the answers of each person you surveyed?
     - If yes, why do you think these differences exist?
     - What are some examples of brands of these products that are positioned to deliver differentiated value to consumers? 
    You can perform further research about brands to answer this question.


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