Achieve your goals faster


  1. Surround yourself with people who will support you.
    The biggest obstacle to getting what you want is an environment that holds you down. Therefore, it’s important to surround yourself only with supportive people and eliminate the toxic relationships that don’t help you achieve your goals.

  2. Meet more people who will understand your dreams and support you in reaching them.
    You can do this by joining entrepreneur clubs and forums, attending networking events, reading the biographies of people who have the kind of success you want, finding a mentor, getting yourself around the people who subscribed to a Fastlane, and so on.

  3. Think of time as your most valuable resource.
    Instead of exchanging your time for money, find a way to earn money by not selling your time. You should also avoid time-wasters such as sleeping and watching too much TV. Instead, do something more meaningful to you. Remember that time is not abundant. We have only so much time until we die. If you want to go with the Fastlane, you must avoid exchanging time for money.

  4. Constantly educate yourself.
    Reinvention is education. What you may know now is not enough for tomorrow, so you must constantly educate yourself. You can do this by reading at least one good book monthly and exhausting all other resources you may find, such as in the bookstore, library, online classes, blogs, podcasts, screencasts, webcasts, and television. Then, apply what you’ve learned in real-life scenarios.


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