Surprise your target to keep them under your spell.

Through constant surprises and anticipation, you can maintain the tension needed for seduction and love.


  1. Create constant suspense and tension.
    Make your target feel like nothing is ever predictable with you. Create drama. Constantly spring calculated surprises on them such as sending them a letter from out of the blue, showing up unexpectedly, or taking them to a place they have never been.

  2. Plan ahead to reveal something new about your character.
    If you normally come across as shy, do something bold to let your target see that there is more to you than meets the eye. Continue letting them discover new things. After they have changed their mind about you, surprise them again.

  3. Maintain this feeling of anticipation to make your target fall in love with you.
    Make your target feel that, with your guidance, they are heading off in a new direction and entering a new life where everything will be strange.


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