Success is determined by grit as well as knowing when to quit


  1. Identify the one thing you need to be gritty at and quit the rest
    On a piece of paper, write down all the goals and dreams you want to accomplish. Take each goal and visualize your expected outcome. Contemplate all the potential obstacles and how you intend to overcome them. After that, seriously examine each goal and select the one that energizes you the most. Put all your energy and grit into this specific goal and quit all the others.

  2. Develop a balance between optimism and pessimism to avoid delusional thinking
    For example, when investing in something with low risk and high reward such as a dream career, you should lean toward optimism. But if you’re contemplating something that has high risks and low rewards, then being pessimistic is more beneficial in the long run.

  3. Contemplate your eulogy to find a story that has a deeper meaning for you
    To find a meaningful story, ask yourself “Who do I want to be remembered as? What qualities do I want my family and friends to miss?” You can also find meaningful stories based on your religious beliefs, patriotism, career goals, or even your favorite superheroes.

  4. Turn your life challenges into a game to make problem-solving fun
    Let’s say you’re a mountain climber struggling to ascend a mountain. Take the distance to the top and split it into stages. Visualize each stage as a level in a video game. Set a specific time for completing each level of the game and see whether you can beat the time limit. Make each stage as fun as possible to help your mind relax and overcome the pain of the climb. This will enable you to keep going until you win.


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