Study your emotional patterns to identify how they affect the decisions you make


  1. When agitated, cool down first before making any kind of decision.
    When you’re angry, take some deep breaths or go for a walk to clear your head. Let the emotion fade away before making any kind of serious decision.

  2. Note down your behavioral patterns when emotional.
    Get a journal and write down any negative emotions and associated behaviors that emerge when you’re angry. This helps you notice and change any detrimental decision-making patterns before they become too embedded in your psyche.

  3. Check your partner’s decision-making pattern before settling down with them.
    Before deciding to marry someone, engage them in an activity that will trigger and reveal negative emotional patterns. For example, take them canoeing on a river to get a feel of their decision-making ability when angry or frustrated. If you constantly argue and cannot cooperate to get the canoe to safety, then at least you’ll have an idea of the way they’ll make decisions in future.


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