Structure your team appropriately


  1. Create an org chart for your team.
    A team without structure will not succeed. Outlining your team’s internal structure will streamline communication and improve overall efficiency. Start the process by creating an organizational chart similar to a family tree. This should outline chains of commands and workflow streams. Ensure your org chart shows who reports to who.

  2. Split large teams up.
    As teams get larger, they get more difficult to manage. The ideal size for a team is 4-6 people with a manager.

  3. Develop a mission statement for your organization.
    This will guide management to make decisions when you are not around.

  4. Communicate goals and targets in the simplest manner possible.
    Being clear and concise in your expectations of your team will ensure they understand exactly what they need to do, allowing them to work productively on accomplishing them.

  5. Create a simple strategy for projects and workflows.
    Ensure your plans of action are simple and straightforward. Having complicated plans and strategies will only cause things to spiral when something inevitably goes wrong.


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