Strike a balance between internal and external locus of control


  1. ** Reflect on your beliefs about what you can and can't control.**
    Take a moment to think about the beliefs that shape your locus of control. Consider the impact of your childhood and life experiences. Write your reflections in your journal.
  2. ** Acknowledge your fears.**
    When you find yourself trying to control something that is outside of your control, ask yourself, “Why am I trying to control this specific thing?" "What am I so afraid of?” Recognize your fears and understand how they influence your behavior in trying to control everything.
  3. ** Concentrate on what you can control.**
    When faced with challenges, always focus on what you can control, remembering that sometimes the only thing you can control is your behavior and attitude.
  4. ** Stop worrying about what you can’t control.**
    Realize that you can’t control other people, and you can’t ever have complete control over the end result.


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