Streamline your daily decisions to save mental energy for more important tasks


  1. Have a few meals in rotation.
    Instead of wasting your time on making mundane and repetitive choices daily, identify a few signature dishes for meals that you love to eat. Write them down, then simply go through them in rotation.

  2. Standardise your clothing wear and adopt a signature look.
    When you have a standard set of clothes for each occasion that fits with your overall look and personality, you can save some mental energy as you no longer have to ponder about what to wear.

  3. Limit your technology usage.
    The information overload from technology use can cloud your judgment.for example: do not let external information judge your decisions as in the end you are making the decisions and you’ll bear the consequences and benefits.

  4. Limit yourself to one decision at a time.
    Focus on making one decision at a time to conserve your mental energy and use it wisely. Essentially, make one clear decision before moving on to the next one.


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