Step into your Alter Ego


  1. Identify your desired qualities and abilities.
    Identify the qualities and abilities you wish to embody in your Alter Ego, especially those you want to leverage in challenging situations. For example, if you often feel anxious in certain scenarios, you may choose "confidence" and "calmness" as key qualities.
  2. Choose a symbolic figure to emulate.
    Find a symbolic figure that resonates with you and possesses the qualities and abilities you’ve identified. This figure can be a superhero, celebrity, mentor, or fictional character. For example, if you want to emulate someone who exemplifies control, confidence, and poise, you could use Wonder Woman as a symbolic figure.
  3. Name your Alter Ego.
    Name your Alter Ego and define its physical attributes. Detail its appearance, style, and demeanor to represent the identified qualities, such as maintaining a steady posture and calm demeanor.
  4. Develop Your Alter Ego’s beliefs, values, and expectations.
    Formulate the inner world of your Alter Ego by establishing its beliefs, values, and expectations. Consider what it believes about its own capabilities and its perspective of the world. Write them down.
  5. Craft a motivating and simple story for your Alter Ego. Construct a narrative that is both inspiring and emotionally resonant to enhance the effectiveness of your Alter Ego. This doesn’t need to be complex; it should be simple and deeply relatable, like J.K. Rowling’s journey from a struggling single parent to a successful author.
  6. Activate your Alter Ego with a personal symbol or “totem." Choose a physical object or “totem” that resonates with you to help you transform into your Alter Ego. For instance, Churchill used different hats to represent different selves, while Martin Luther King used non-prescription glasses to appear more distinguished. Ensure this totem is something you can use or wear consistently and comfortably.
  7. Employ your Alter Ego." Put your Alter Ego into practice and observe how it impacts your actions, behaviors, and outcomes in real-world situations. After employing your Alter Ego, reflect on its efficacy and make necessary adjustments to ensure its continued effectiveness in future situations.


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