Stay on your path to becoming a better leader


  1. Imagine every manager in your organization flipping their script
    Visualize working in a company where all the managers become the ideal leader. Imagine how customers would be better served. Think about how happier and more engaged your colleagues and subordinates would be. What kind of organizational culture would you have? Let this motivate you to stick with your new leadership script.
  2. Reflect on the best boss you ever worked for
    How did this boss instill purpose and meaning into your work? How did they show you that your work mattered? What did you learn from them that can help you uplift your team? Use this to inspire you to become a better boss.
  3. Share stories of how your team’s work has positively affected others
    Within the next 90 days, bring in someone whose life has been touched by the work done by your team and let them share their story. You can also get customers or internal stakeholders to write emails of gratitude to your team for the good work they do. This will remind your staff that their work is valued.


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